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        2. 無錫識凌科技有限公司
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          Clinical Direction | Hospital Management | Medical IoT Overall Solutions 
          > Solutions > Clinical Direction
          Mobile Nursing System
          Medical staff completed daily manual paper work traditionally incl. massive
          manual documents, repetitive clerical inputs. It is difficult to realize intensive
          nursing management by such means of working style.
          BayNesux mobile nursing management integrated Wifi, RFID, barcode and mobile computing technology for the realization of “three times’ checking & seven times’ verification” in nurses’ workflow like infusion, injection, oral medications, and inspection from nurses’ workstation to patients’ bedside, which could not only implement real time medical advice check, inspection report receive, operation arrange and patients’ vital signs upload, but also realize patients’ centralized comprehensive nursing on the basis of theirs overall evaluation, meanwhile the system enhanced nurses’ work efficiency and offered better service experience to both patients and medical staff.
          Ten meters’ extension from nurses’ workstation to sick room.
          In terms of medical security the problems are how to better execute “three times’ checking & seven times’ verification” and guarantee full life circle management of medical order loop.
          Main Functions
            Information Inquiry
          Patients' identification verification and more information could be checked at any time by
          wristband scanning in a more accurate and convenient way.
            Work Execution
          Access to medical records and analysis report as well as check image check and execute
          medical advice anytime anywhere.
            Information Verification
          Specimen collection verification, medicinal liquid matching verification, execution verification additionally with full life circle medical advice execution tracking performed to minimize medical error.
            Information Record
          Real time records input such as vital signs record, nursing record, sickbed patients’ education, hospital admission evaluation to avoid double work in a more accurate and efficient way.
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