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        2. 無錫識凌科技有限公司
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          BayNexus Profile | Honor and Qualifications
          > About BayNexus > BayNexus Profile
          BayNexus Profile
          Medical IoT leading enterprise, Intelligent hospital overall solutions
          Wuxi BayNexus is the research and development center as well as production base of American BayNexus in the Asia Pacific region, also a high-tech enterprise focuses on the business scope of medical IoT solutions and offers overall informatization solutions for hospitals. BayNesus plays an important role in RFID national standards drafting and national intelligent hospital evaluation.

          Baynexus hospital IoT Information integration platform and RFID intelligent terminals have launched in more than 300 hospital national wide (The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Shao Yi-Fu Hospital of Zhejiang University, Sino-pharm Midland hospital Management Co., LTD, Hebei General Hospital etc.), Intelligent hospital projects have successfully deployed in Wuxi the Third Prople’s Hopital, Luoyang Dongfang University, Harbin The First Hospital. BayNexus successfully participated and launched: “Intelligent Ward “of Wuxi The Third Hospital was highlighted as National IoT Innovation Demonstration Project in the year 2013, “Intelligent Hospital” of Harbin The First hospital was listed as the first batch of experimental units of National Health and Family Planning Commission in the year 2015. BayNexus independently researched and developed a RFID smart terminal named SDA, which won the honor of “American RFID Industry Innovation Award in 2013”, “RFID smart hospital care system” won the reputation of “Gold Medal of 2014 China International Internet Exposition”, RFID medical IoT platform won the prize of “ Excellent IoT Solution of 2015 Intel Cup held by China Hospital Management Association " and Hospital IoT Information Integrated Platform won the award of “Silver Medal of 2016 World Internet Exposition”.

          BayNexus’ overseas customers includes America Kapsch TrafficCom, America Andrus Logistics, America ODIN Technologies, Tokyo SanLe hospital, Japan Miyano Medical equipment Co., LTD, Japan Daishin Co., LTD and so on. Based on the report of “2013-2014 Mobile Medical Application Status and Development Trend” posted by CCW in the research “ICT Research and Information Institutions Affiliated by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”, Baynexus ranks one of the top three brands in niche terminal care areas.
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